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Email can build loyalty if you're leveraging your CRM tools

If you have email-based conversations with your customers, you are already building loyalty with email (if you're being nice, I guess). 

The real question is can we build loyalty with mass emails? Personalization helps, but we have to do more than just toss in a name. We have to merge individual recognition, which is impossible if you haven't been using a CRM to track activities and add history to your contact records. 

A big, powerful company like Marriott can serve up reams of personalized data. A smaller company can at least log birthdays, major milestones, and preferences that will help make mass emails a loyalty-building experience. We suggest you start with your most loyal customers and invest in building their records so you can serve recognition.  IStock_000021085297XSmall

Epsilon: Enhancing Customer Experience Leveraging Email Channel, 2015-Feb-23 by Dino Michetti

Marketers have the tools and technologies to leverage data to truly get to know their customers. – And, no two customers are the same. Being a frequent traveler, I often stay at Marriott properties.... Marriott understands my needs, helps me to organize my stay while onsite and creates a positive experience for me all at the click of an open.... I receive an update of my Marriott Rewards loyalty account which informs me of my points, upcoming bonus opportunities based on my tier and how many nights I have stayed, how to earn a free night’s stay, etc.  So, as I switch gears and start to think about my next family vacation, this data is extremely helpful as I search the tropical properties that are on my list.  And what appears in my personal inbox the next day? – An email with a handful of tropical suggested properties. Now that’s email marketing at its finest.