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To Grow, We Have to Embrace Social Media

We all have our issues with social media. As soon as we get comfortable it changes. Unfortunately, that's an advantage! The tools are getting better in many respects. It's not a smooth road but it does lead to greater awareness.  IStock_000021700803XSmall

Anyone interested in growing a business, building a career, and developing strong relationships has no choice but to start paying attention and participating. Not constantly, but with a sense of obligation. Our friends and associates are out their sharing their experience and views and we have to acknowledge them. We can actually insult them if we don't. It's just the cost of having relationships these days. 

Hating social media is like hating healthy food. You can hate it but you can't deny it helps. 

RESET: Leveraging Social Connecting to Speed Growth, 2015-Jun-17 by Wayne O'Neill

I’m here to tell you that like it or not, social media platforms are proving to be unbelievable connection tools. And I’m all about finding more ways to effectively connect with my market and potential client base in time effective and cost effective ways.

I know that if I’m not keeping my fingers on the issues that are driving decisions in our target industries, and within our target clients, I’ll never be able to piece together solutions that connect with the things important to them.