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The customer experience of abandonment cuts both ways.

Our loyalty programs have to vary at least as much as our customers

Sorry to pick on Office Depot, but their loyalty program isn't reaching me. IStock_000019719755XSmallOffice Depot has been my favorite office supply store for ten years. I can't even really tell you why, except I like going there. The people have always been nice. Some years I've been ramping up a small business and have spent heavily. Other years I'm in a job and just get a few things for home use. Right now I'm starting a business but trying to run very lean. However, their loyalty program doesn't vary. Points and discounts: they are missing an opportunity to get me in with demonstrations or consultations. 

Deluxe just released a report they commissioned from Forrester where many loyalty managers discuss their goals and programs. I'm sad to say that most companies just try to retain the customers without using the loyalty program to build better customer experiences or PROFITS. Loyalty programs are one of the most sustainable ways we can improve profits. Don't miss out!

Do click through and download the report: you'll find good ideas of how we can expand our loyalty programs. 

Deluxe Blogs: Consumers Crave Variety in Their Loyalty Programs, 2015-Jun-5 by Adam Craig

We found that loyalty programs that incorporate a greater number of channels – nine to 13 – consistently report complete success in driving purchase frequency, spend, brand advocacy and engagement. Those with eight or fewer touchpoints report less satisfaction and success.