Every business has to define what loyalty means for itself
Why we have to stop answering our own questions

For the next level in building customer loyalty, go from managing relationships to engagement to success

At the leading edge, our competitors are now focusing on customer success in order to grab more market share. Relationships are all well and good, but the way to know if a relationship is really working is to monitor the success of our partner. IStock_000019396834XSmall

CRM software is designed to help us manage ALL our relationships: customers, prospects, teammates, and suppliers. Now we have a new software platform called Customer Success Management. Developed for companies that depend on software-as-a-service (SAAS) subscription renewal and growth, the technology imports data from ERP as well as CRM and social media accounts to monitor growth. Now this service is moving into many companies who've already considered hooking up their accounting data with their CRM data. 

Are our customers more healthy and successful for knowing us?

Forrester Research: Customer Success: a hot new software category that helps you manage your customers, 2014-Nov-2 by Kate Leggett

Customer success organizations use an array of company and customer data to create a "health score."  Typical data used to calculate a health score include CRM data, billing data, customer support tickets, NPS from surveys, product usage data and more. The behavior of the health score at the company, subscription, and user level — its raw number, trends, and sudden changes — is at the heart of understanding and managing customer success.