CRM is a mature management practice, like financial accounting
Rising customer expectations of memory and context

Why we need to understand what's driving growth of CRM software

The pressure for all organizations to adopt CRM software is not going away because our customers derive substantial benefits. Once they've worked with a firm that uses CRM data appropriately, they enjoy receiving more relevant updates, knowing that everyone at their supplier can understand their status, and being able to specify how they will be contacted. CRM software is an vital lever for improving customer experience and competing effectively for today's savvy consumers. And it can be used to drive down operating costs. It's never going away. 

Econsultancy: Seven reasons for the unstoppable rise of CRM, 2014-Nov-4 by Ben Davis

  1. A new set of customer expectations
  2. Mobile has dramatically changed data
  3. Business leaders work closer with IT leaders
  4. International markets
  5. Security and the cloud
  6. Working habits
  7. Automation and machine learning is here