The essence of a fine relationship
Why we need to understand what's driving growth of CRM software

CRM is a mature management practice, like financial accounting

Most professionals are confused about CRM. They see it as a piece of software that helps them collect information about customers and remind them what to do next. Actually, customer relationship management is a mature business practice, similar to financial accounting. In fact, you could think of your company's CRM as the way you track your marketing and sales results.  Tq-121029-dd

Recently I was shocked when talking to a CRM consultant about working with this team. I asked him who his top customers were, and he fumbled around, pulling up his accounting software to see the customers table. If we believe in CRM as a practice, then our most important customers should be pushed at us by our applications so often, that the names are seared into our mind, in current rank order. 

In the article below, Brian Solis is talking about companies needing to make all our process more supported by integrated, always available software. NOT because it will make our business more efficient, but because our customers expect it. 

Brian Solis: Digital Transformation is About Empathy First and Technology Second, 2014-Nov-10

But at the heart, digital transformation is the story of how people are changing.

Whether we realize it or not, the way customers and employees make decisions, the technology they use, and how preferences and expectations evolve or detour, are stories for us to discover. These are the insights that guide the transformation. Technology adoption is not the solution: it is merely an enabler for transformation.