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How to educate our customers for their own success

We can either educate our customers to succeed in their business or to succeed in our business. 

Why would we educate them to succeed in our business?? Well, that's what we do when we try to get them to excel at using our products and services. Instead, our products and services are only a means to the end goal of their success in their business. 

Our best customers may be inept and infrequent users of our products and services but that may be just fine. If there's one small but important thing they can only do with our help, and if that thing means greater success... and if they know it, we will have succeeded. Advice for startups trying to educate their customers, 2014-Aug-13, from Des Traynor interview by Andreea Mihalcea

There are two types of education for your customers: teach them how to use your product and how to get results.

If you want to take Workable as example, one piece is “here’s how to post a job”, and, the more important piece is “here’s what a great job post looks like”. Keep in mind that when someone tries to assess if a product is good, it’s not about him being able to create a job post. It’s about him being able to get job applicants. The same applies to Mention or any other tool — they can teach you how to use their interface, or they can teach you what are the right things to search for.

A lot of people focus too heavily on teaching how to use their tool forgetting that teaching how to get results is actually more important. You need webinars, documentation, articles and screencasts to help your users get much better at using your product.