Using email introductions to help people
How to educate our customers for their own success

Coach your sales team to share content for more efficient selling

David Meerman Scott has a good slideshare explaining why we have to shift to using content to generate leads in the era of permission marketing. Since we can no longer interrupt people, we have to either develop or own content or constantly be on the lookout for good content to share with our prospects and customers. We usually need to do both. 

As David points out, that means that sales managers have to shift their measurements from volume of activity to how well a sales person uses content. For many companies, even if they have a few salespeople, this shift will be wrenching. 

A company's marketing department may or may not be generating enough material for the sales team, but nothing can help the sales team avoid responsibility to understand their customers and what needs to be shared, and when. 

New selling process:

  • Research your target's challenges
  • Understand what's available to help them
  • Position yourself as a trusted source of information
  • Share the right information at the right time

Web Ink Now: Sales Managers Must Adapt to the New Rules of Selling, 2014-Oct-14 by David Meerman Scott

Managers must realize that when salespeople are interacting on Twitter or updating their LinkedIn profiles, this activity is more likely to contribute toward eventual sales than cold-calling a buyer.