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Using email introductions to help people

To become a leader in our industry, we have to become known for providing valuable introductions. Unfortunately, it also means establishing new habits and skills. Michael Simmons has some very helpful tips. Stop Doing This One Thing in Email Introductions to Busy People, 2014-Oct-8 by Michael Simmons

[Not] giving your contacts enough context on why an introduction is being made is the most common mistake that smart people make over and over....

Michaels's tips for making the introduction click:

  1. Point to the common problem or passion you see that will make these two people happy to connect.
  2. Explain them to each other, and do not just provide links to be clicked. 
  3. Show them at their best. 
  4. Explain how you know them. 
  5. Triangulate them... where could they meet?
  6. Then provide links where they could follow up.