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Conscious values

Building a long-lasting relationship with our customers requires us to identify our values and acknowledge which of the customer's values are being served. Traditionally, advertising agencies buried those values in metaphors and stories. Now, more and more companies are just stating them outright, assuming the customers can make a quicker, more long-lasting connection.

Internet Retailer: Don't call me 'daily': The Grommet drops the chronological element in its rebranding, 2014-May-13 by Thad Rueter

TheGrommet.com now features what the retailer calls larger and “more attractive” product displays, customer reviews and “personal value icons for customers to align their beliefs with their purchases.” Those icons, for instance, can tell a shopper whether a product comes from the United States, was handcrafted, used natural materials or was manufactured by a company that donates to charities.