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Unpacking the 'kill email' trend: It's not about CRM.

With Slack all over the news, the death of email is being trumpeted again, but the more you read the more you realize Slack, Asana, and Convo are targeting intra-company email, not the inter-company email flow which is tracked by CRM applications. For the development of business relationships between customers and suppliers, email will still be important. Capturing the the flow of social messages such as LinkedIn updates continues to be the real challenge for CRM.

Tunguz blog: The Great Unbundling of Email, 2014-Jun-16 by Tomasz Tunguz of Redpoint Ventures

These dedicated apps [Slack, etc.] enable users to win their time back by providing all the context users need to act upon the email. ...because it enables filtering, categorization and smart reminders.

At this point in email's unbundling, the volume of email in our business inboxes hasn't declined, and it may never decline because most of the automation is on the outbound side, making it easier and easier to send larger volumes of email. When both sender and receiver have intelligent workflow apps or are trained to log into workflow apps first, the most effective way of reminding users to return to workflow won't be email reminders or push messages. And then, perhaps email volumes will fall.

But, even if email volumes don't decline, workflow-based email products will enable us to process much larger volumes of email than we are today.