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Are you a freelancer or a business owner?

I know many freelance developers who are good business professionals. One of the ways I can tell whether or not they want to be a business owner is whether or not they want to stick with Highrise as a contact manager.

Basecamp is a more fully developed platform than its little brother, Highrise. Everyone knows that. Highrise is built to be a convenient way to keep track of contacts. Features for 'deals and cases' do not add up to a true customer relationship management system.

If you love your customers more than your code (or other creative output), you need to leave Highrise. The excerpt below, from their help pages, shows that keeping up with customers is a secondary activity. If you're a business owner, it's primary.

Highrise HQ: Why aren't my emails to Highrise working?

If your emails aren’t making it to Highrise, the cause is usually one of the following:

1. You sent an email directly to your dropbox.
Your dropbox is for tracking communication with others so it’s intended to receive CC, BCC, and forwarded emails only. If you send an email directly to your dropbox address and it doesn’t contain a CC, BCC, or forwarded email address, Highrise doesn’t know whom to assign it to and the email will bounce.

2. You removed the “Fwd:” or “FW:” tag from a forwarded email.
You need to include the “Fwd:” or “FW:” tag in the subject line of forwarded emails. That tag lets Highrise know what to do with the email.