Don't feed the distrust cycle
You and your customer rate the relationship together

When it comes to CRM--"No single event has very much value."

Good CRM is either a habit or a struggle. Customer relationship management is not actually management. In the 1990's "crm software," such as ACT! for the personal computer and enterprise-based systems such as Brock provided a way to proactively manage data for selling. Tq140707edThese software products were tools for businesses that wanted to be systematic, even automated, in their sales activities. Many of the features designed then are now built into our email and accounting software. 

Establishing a process, computer-driven or not, to keep up with your customers and support them in a reliable, proactive manner will make it unnecessary to go rushing into a customer relationship and rescue it in a heavy-handed way. Newsletters are just one of several important tools in a great CRM process. 

Blue Penguin Development: The Penguin and the Hare, 2002-May-10 by Michael Katz

The second similarity between exercise and newsletter publishing is that in both cases, no single event has very much value. Running six miles once won't get you in shape, and publishing one newsletter won't bring you any business. But, string together six miles a day, six days a week, 52 weeks a year for 30 years..., and it starts to add up. Like exercise, relationship building is organic. You can't speed it up and you can't take a short cut. But if you're systematic and give it some time, it's magical.