How bad managers torpedo good intentions
It's not enough to know your customer--you have to know their context

Do your prospects see themselves as buyers?

One of the big challenges in identifying prospects for a product or service is selecting people who have 'mental access' to it. Tq140529bd By that I mean, when they observe it, can they imagine themselves using or possessing it. If they cannot, then that's your biggest marketing hurdle. Maybe you should identify different prospects.

It's not wrong to go after people who don't see themselves as being in your market, it just takes more time and/or money to reach them.

Medium: Why do people buy art?, 2014-May-9 by Amrita Chandra

People didn’t recognize themselves as art buyers. The art establishment has done a number on people, painting a picture of an art collector as someone who dresses in black, spends their evenings in minimalist white cube galleries and drops thousands of dollars on pieces at the drop of a hat.