Hacking confidence
Get ready to dig up customer memories

Negotiating like you hate it

Nothing is more annoying than trying to reach an agreement with someone who enjoys negotiating. Even if you do, please dial it down and take these minimal steps to protect your interest, from Whitney Johnson: Tq140501yd

  • Signal that you are transacting
  • Sit on both sides of the table
  • Power up
  • Disentangle negotiation from updates
  • Excise emotion
  • Look to the horizon

HBR Blogs: 6 Tips for Reluctant Negotiators, 2014-Apr-24 by Whitney Johnson

It’s also a little scary to think too far into the future; that requires a long game and the confidence that you actually can navigate to that future. But understanding where you want to end up is critical, because it gives you power to own your career and to be seen as a strong visionary who knows what she wants and how to get it.