Negotiating like you hate it
Why culture is a by-product of action

Get ready to dig up customer memories

In order to better understand your favorite customers, you have to get at the values which drove their purchase decision. For political or Tq140509dd self-image reasons, people may not automatically share or even really know the true reason. But a good interviewer can dig down during an interview. This article gives you an entire procedure and tips on pitfalls to avoid.

I remember when innovation guru Clay Christensen first introduced this idea, and it's still used heavily for product development. But marketing communications needs to dig it, too. You cannot convince prospects if you don't really understand what convinced the customers you already have.

Medium: A Script to Kickstart Your Jobs to Be Done Interview, 2014-Apr-14 by Alan Klement

There is, however, something else going on when we start with questions like the ones above… besides asking easy, non threatening questions, our goal is to help our customers, not only remember, but to get them used to the feeling of remembering.

Most of our memories are made and recalled though association between places, people, things and our senses. If I asked you what the weather was like yesterday, you may struggle to remember; however, if I asked you what clothes you were wearing, you might remember how your feet got really wet because during your walk to work, it unexpectedly rained and your feet got wet because you were wearing sneakers...