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Empowered by CRM tools

We now have many tools for keeping track of customers and capturing transactions. We can set automatic reminders and prompts. And we can use those tools to drive away our customers the same way a nagging sales person keeps calling, "are you ready to buy?" Tq140519hd

We can use the same tools to send very human, caring messages.

OWNER magazine: Newsletter, 2014-May-5 by Chris Brogan

The landscape has shifted so much in the last many months out there. For the last few years, everyone’s been thinking that “social media” was the savior. It’s just one tool in the arsenal. I said this at the beginning of the year, that these were the three core elements that Rob and I believe will have the most impact on 2014: - Business is About Belonging - the rise of warm data. - The Monchu is the Media - your network is your gold. - To Automate is Human - the tools are there to afford you more time to be personal and personalized.

More about automation and being human from OWNER COO Rob Hatch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T0h9PhNZ1RM