Consider the wages of nice
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Why you should be creating something

Too much consuming leads to boredom. Meaning comes from making things, whether it's friendships or clean closets or symphonies. Start by making things, and then make better things, and then you can rest.

Clear blog: Create Things, 2014-Apr-21 by James Clear

Choose to be a creator. Tq140514gd

In other words, the world needs smart people to build things. We need employees who invent things, entrepreneurs who create things, and freelancers who design things. We need secretaries who make jewelry as a side project and stay-at-home dads who write amazing novels. We need more leaders, not more followers. We need more creators, not more consumers.

And perhaps the most important thing to realize is that we not only need to create for each other, but for ourselves as well. Creating something is the perfect way to avoid wasting the precious moments that we have been given. To contribute, to create, to chip in to the world around you and to add your line to the world’s story — that is a life well lived.