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It's not enough to know your customer--you have to know their context

Over the long run, you have to know your customers, but in the short run, where sales are closed, you have to know their context. Tq140530bdSo the customer relationship management system is not just a collection of names, addresses and labels. It's a place to keep up with an evolving situation.

Medium: How to 'Know' What Your Customers Really Want?, 2014-Apr-20 by Pandith Jantakahalli

Focus on understanding the situation not the customer. Customers find themselves in a situation, with constraints and emotions. This situation forces a customer to take a decision to hire a product to get a job done. This helps a product manager understand what causes a customer to hire a product and why. Understand their constraints while they are in that situation (like time, capability to handle complexity) and the emotions they feel as they encounter a situation (like fear, anxiety, anger, frustration). Understanding the constraints helps in shaping the solution, understanding the emotions helps in pitching the product.