Marketing is about using data in the context of your customers lives
Signals of loyalty masquerading as complaints

What are the questions marketing data must answer for a business to stay profitable?

Marketing data, big or small, exists to serve the people who use it. When owners, managers and sales people use the data correctly, transactions are profitable for everyone. In the beginning, the amount of data is small and easy to remember. But just the least little bit of success will cause the data to overflow. It's at that point you have to decide whether or not you want to market systematically. Tq140417qdAt that point data has to be organized and used. The longer you wait, the more unpredictable your profitability.

Customer-Centric Growth: Big Picture Before Big Data, 2014-Mar-17 by Steven P. Dennis

...many, if not most, companies are not making good use of small data. If you haven’t figured out how to glean useful insight from what you already have, piling on more data is not only unlikely to help, it’s bound to smother and confuse your efforts.

So what to do?

For most brands the place to start is with a few big picture questions:

  • What are our most important customer segments and how are we doing against our desired outcomes?
  • What are the key drivers of performance for each segment? How are these drivers changing?
  • How to we stack up against our current and emerging competition? Where are we most vulnerable?
  • Where are the greatest opportunities right now to improve on the highest leverage drivers of customer profitability, loyalty and remarkability?