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Technology-accelerated marketing from Airbnb is hot, volatile stuff

Tq140424wmTechnology changes the texture of marketing as well as the speed. All these dials and switches can burn a relationship. I'm personnally sorting through the hundreds of contacts records I've collected as an active networker for the last ten years. I'm amazed at how many are completely irrelevant to my work and/or my life. Plus, not everyone wants to be treated the same way. The marketing profession will turn a corner when all the recipients always have the ability to reach the dial themselves: not just toggle an 'opt out' switch. Making Referrals Work for Airbnb, 2014-Mar-27 by Jason Bosinoff

We can build product levers to try to boost each of our core metrics:

  • We can increase “# of invites per inviter” by offering imports of address books from email services or recommended contacts on the phone.
  • We can increase “share of active users sending an invite” by improving the discoverability of referrals.
  • We can increase “conversion to new guest” by allowing referrers to send reminders to invited + signed up users that they have credit available....

It’s been a few months since we first launched. This time we didn’t want to launch and forget our referrals program. Instead we doubled down coming up with new ways to optimize the program. For example, we’ve started promoting referrals at strategic moments when we think the user is most likely to refer, for example just after booking a reservation, or after leaving a positive review. We segment performance data by entry point so we know how these are all doing.