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Curiosity versus Creativity encourages Engagement

Disciplining ourselves to see the customers' point of view

Seeing our business from the customers point of view is always difficult. I've always thought of myself as an outlier because, for me, any travel is a desirable adventure and instead of something I've had before, I usually want something new and unique to the place I'm going. I can understand that others want to find something familiar and reassuring. But now the entire market is shifting my way. Travelers have better tools that eliminate much of the uncertainty and most of the unpleasant surprises. My point of view is not so unusual any more, but I wouldn't know that unless I challenged my thinking. We have to keep unlearning.

Adweek: How Airbnb and Yelp are Changing Hotel Marketing, 2014-Feb-19, by Joan Voight

For business travelers, “discovery” now ranks higher than “escape” or Tq140310td“indulgence,” per the survey.

“Consumers have overcome their fears and discomfort from being in a new place, since they now have access to lots of information from Google Maps, review sites like Yelp and social media,” said Oscar Yuan, vp at the Millward Brown Optimor brand consultancy