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Curiosity versus Creativity encourages Engagement

Tq140317lmValeria Maltoni recently made a very good point about using social media to demonstrate our creativity or cleverness as opposed to opening up the opportunity for our followers to grow and shine. She also points out this approach requires depth, not breadth. What occurs to me is you stick to a certain topic over a period of time that works well for that social platform and encourage people to share what they know. Have you ever tried this approach?

Conversation Agent: Learning by Example, 2014-Feb-26 by Valeria Maltoni

Those who fail in social, do so because they fail to see that the opportunity to create value is in the eyes and experience of the person taking advantage of it. You have the honor of building a platform, or joining one, creating the context or making a situation possible to empower people to do things with it.

Two thoughts on learning by example:

  1. why not be deeply there, focused on the question/problem/issue/opportunity
  2. what's in it for you is likely to become clearer through participation....

Curiosity, the desire to learn by example, may have become a closer characteristic to connection-seeking than creativity, after all.

Curiosity is the most powerful thing you have.