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I'm not saying there aren't pitfalls in using social media, but if more people looked at it as a game where they can choose their own effort level and humor the other players a little... we'd all be better off. Tq140219bd

Quartz: Why I've finally joined Facebook on Facebook's tenth anniversary, 2014-Feb-4 by Gideon Lichfield

Google knows more about me than I myself do. LinkedIn and Twitter know a lot. Am I really protecting myself by keeping Facebook at bay?

So I’ll protect myself the way anyone should: by being careful. I won’t share or “like” much; I’ll use Facebook mostly passively. I’ll be selective about whom I friend, and I won’t friend anyone I need to protect. I’ll keep the privacy settings cranked up to the max and watch out for when Facebook quietly changes them.

And when I have to win the trust of suspicious people, I may just have to earn that trust through openness instead of by concealment. And that may not be such a bad thing.