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Where we want press releases to go

Most press releases are the opposite of conversation. They need to be posted where they can be found. If you want to have a conversation, you can use publicity or Quora to generate a dialogue, which is much more valuable. Broadcasting of press releases is futile. In the end, press releases should not go, they should stay and be found. Tq130705ac2

Quartz: Is Quora Replacing the Press Release?, 2014-Feb-5 by Max Nisen

The thread on the question-and-answer site is was not orchestrated by Facebook, according to a Facebook official, but it’s exactly what corporate communications should be. It’s human, informative, and more revealing than the average press release or corporate blog post. You feel like you’re getting inside information rather than a canned statement, stylized presentation, or chummy missive....

Getting the backstory makes the product more compelling for users and gives them insight into things like how content is organized and loaded....

Quora serves as such a strong forum for corporate communications since it allows for an evolving narrative, and lets users connect with and respond to real employees.