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Why do companies need content strategists?

As advertising evolves, the cost of media space is dropping, the cost of production is dropping, but the cost of managing is going up. Without a strong plan and the project management skills of a content strategist, companies are finding it increasingly difficult to gain the attention of their target audiences. Blogging is cheap but traffic is expensive. Tq140220td

eConsultancy: Is This the Age of the Content Strategist?, 2014-Feb-5 by Neil Perkin

There were a number of factors cited by respondents behind this shift including:

  1. The growth in the importance of content, and content marketing, to businesses of many types, and the increasing sophistication of in-house content capability.
  2. The growth in focus on content hungry always-on platforms.
  3. The fragmentation in channels, and platforms for distribution and engagement.
  4. The ever-greater impact that content has in supporting business strategy and metrics.
  5. The role of analytics in making content more accountable.
  6. The ability for content to generate meaningful, interactive customer experiences.

While Content Strategists may have slightly different roles in large or small companies, the emerging discipline is focused on driving capability, and planning and co-ordinating activity.