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The Discovery of a New Ally in Fighting the Misunderstanding of EMail

I've grown accustomed to 'mass misunderstanding' when it comes to email. Both business professionals and others have all sorts of unfounded and irrational beliefs about it. Tq140129cdIt's compounded by the fact that email isn't just one thing, and it doesn't stand still. It's constantly evolving and branching off. I suspect one cause of the misunderstanding is the extremely personal nature of email. Our own experience and inconveniences loom larger in our mind than all the mountains of statistics that are available.

Fortunately, some of us enjoy studying the reality of this infinitely measureable form of marketing. I've recently discovered an agency that shares my commitment: Alchemy Worx. They even cemented my respect by hiring email guru Jeanne Jennings. Here's a sample of their wisdom. Below that is the amazing infographic that led to my discovery of them.

The Lab: 2013 Email round-up, 2014-Jan-9 by Alchemy Worx

Big Data can of course be utilised to improve marketing programmes, but ultimately it’s always going to come down to the quality of the data and how it’s used, rather than the size of the data. It will never be a fail-safe and good marketers with little data will always beat poor marketers with lots of data.

Marketing Profs: Seven Myths of Email Marketing, 2013