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Are you waiting for the perfect moment to connect?

If you frantically chase your contacts, you'll annoy them—and make an impression. If you pull back and keep the parts that work, you'll be ahead of everyone else. Tq140122hd2

Blue Penguin Development: Solo Professionals, Start Your Engines, 2014-Jan-10 by Michael Katz

It’s not so much the fine-tuning that yields the biggest benefits, it’s the act of doing something – even if it’s not perfect.

Which means that:

  • If you believe in the value of staying in touch with your existing contacts (and if you don’t, you’re reading the wrong newsletter), then stay in touch with them. Even if the way you do it is unsystematic, sloppy and incomplete.

    Sure, it’s better to have a system in place that works perfectly – I’ve become a big fan of Contactually (affiliate link) in this regard – but don’t let not having it perfect prevent you from keeping your network alive.

  • If you believe in the value of creating and sharing content, then write something and put it out there … even if it’s not the best thing you’ve ever done.

    Waiting six months (or forever) to launch your newsletter, blog or free giveaway because it’s not yet perfect, on the other hand, is a losing strategy. Here as well, the biggest gains come when you move from publishing nothing to publishing something – not from improving on what you’re already doing.