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The Discovery of a New Ally in Fighting the Misunderstanding of EMail

Framing innovation as a choice

Enjoying innovation and making a living off innovation are two very different things. It's too easy to be a spectator and a speculator. Tq140128sdFor business, the only innovation that matters is one that users can embrace. And before they use it... they have to choose it.

Choosing something new and untested is risky, and usually happens when the status quo is unacceptable. People choose risk when all they have are bad options, and especially when they are losing assets. So if you want to drive innovation forward, go someplace unpleasant!

The Discipline of Innovation: Here's Why You Need to Build Your Innovation Capability, 2013-May-23 by Tim Kastelle, quoting Rita McGrath, quoting someone at Sagentia

We can only live off something that our clients have decided to do.