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Seeing the cultural 'gotcha'

We frequently hear sweeping and inaccurate comments about a company's culture. Tq140121ddThe entire article by Justin Fox (linked below) is highly recommended to suggest the nuances. Anytime a company becomes large, it also becomes culturally complex, and it becomes more and more difficult to find consistency. Fox recommends a book I had not encountered before, From Counterculture to Cyberculture, which sounds very informative. I also recommend the analysis of Best Buy culture in First, Break all the Rules.

HBR Blogs: How Silicon Valley Became The Man, 2014-Jan-9 by Justin Fox

Google treats its engineers extremely well, offers extremely flexible work spaces, has built essentially a culture of collaboration and creativity that looks very communal and very wonderful, even as around those engineers it has cafeteria workers who are making something very close to minimum wage, and often lack the ability to get proper health insurance. That’s the kind of old communal mindset right there, where you bring together a kind of elite, give them a shared mindset, all the resources they need to live in that mindset, and yet surround them with folks who are relatively impoverished...