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Don't be confused about what makes a workplace fun

Having access to toys does not create a fun workplace.
Nor do tree houses and slides. Tq131230ds It doesn't hurt to let people bring their stuff to the office, but that should be an outward sign of your willingness to let people be themselves at the office.

Glenn Llopis points to the things that create a truly fun workplace:

  • Allow your people to be their best selves and figure out how they can make the greatest contribution. Don't confine them to to your expectations.
  • Demand that your people work together and come up with better ways to function by collaborating.
  • As a leader focus on communicating both your vision (how things could be) and what you see as the current situation. Then listen to learn what your employees are seeing as well.
  • Be a whole person everyone can see with your own vulnerabilities.
  • Expect people to be grown ups but know they have to grow to get there. Demand growth and model it.
  • Outline the culture with bold simple strokes and let others fill in the details.

Llopis Group Blog: 6 Ways to Make your Leadership and Workplace Fun Again, 2013-Oct-14 by Glenn Llopis

My father would tell me that the more simple you make things, the more believable, trustworthy and effective you will be with people. Perhaps we are beginning to understand why most leaders need a refresh. They need to simplify their approach and make it more fun and enjoyable for employees as this will increase productively, engagement and desired outcomes.