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Finding a tribe in Houston's entrepreneurial community

I stumbled into the Red Labs coworking space at UH last night and since I have no one on my team, by definition, none of them can be UH students, therefore I wasn't supposed to be there, HOWEVER, they were very nice and I appreciated the pizza and support.

Tq131123f2b1I was interested because they are a member of the Founder2be network. During my last entrepreneurial venture, I knew I needed partners, but I was lazy. THIS time, I'm going to make sure that I'm not working in isolation. Partners and customers are key.

I attended with Karen Aptekar, (@K_A_Productions) who's an MBA student at University of St. Thomas. Tq131123kaAbove is Karen's hand as she pitches her new documentary, which is planned to include a game launch. She was successful in getting access to future partners.

The coworking space for RED Labs at Melcher Hall is very nice. Red Labs drew together an impressive range of students from STEM areas. If they can leverage the Founder2be network, I think they can raise the visibility of UH students in the startup community nationwide.