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How growing is more important than knowing

As a learning junkie, I have always wanted to know as much as I can. Recently, I've had to put my student-self in rehab and focus more on trying things to see what works. It can be nerve-wracking, but if you are conscious of what you doing—testing hypothesis—you'll find that you've never grown so fast. Tq131017hd

Yes and Know: Do you trust in your ability to grow?, 2013-Sep-27, by Nilofer Merchant

You need to have the confidence to manage for today, knowing that everything you’re doing will need to change again, and sooner than you hope. The key is to not be wedded to a definition of success where you have to be smart and talented and already know. You have to be wedded to a definition of success that says we will figure it out, and keep figuring it out.