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On Tuesday, Oct. 1, professionals around the world will be gathering, both online and in person to discuss the challenges and celebrate the people who are creating great customer Cxdayexperiences. Many of us face monumental challenges within our organizations because the systems are designed to maximize efficiency and accountability to top management. So, as Oracle president Mark Hurd points out, we are anxiously awaiting top management to put the systems to work for the customer. That day is going to come because the customers, not the employees, will demand it.

In Houston, CX Day will be celebrated at the Uptown Tasting Room beginning at 5:30 pm. Attendance is free, we will have food and drink, as well as presentations by Bill Clayton, the Reliant VP of Customer Care and the founder of Normal Modes, Angela Randall. RSVP for Houston.

LinkedIn: Why CEOs Must Become Customer-Experience Evangelists, 2013-Sep-27 by Mark Hurd, Oracle President

As I look at those three obstacles — core technology, organizational structures, and budget priorities — it’s clear that they can’t be overcome by a feisty social team, or a hard-charging sales leader, or even by a forceful finance chief. No, those barriers to becoming a truly social business that can deliver superb customer experiences can only be knocked down by the CEO.

And that’s why in my meetings with customers across the country and around the world, I tell CEOs that they need to become Customer-Experience evangelists. It’s not enough for CEOs to bless some plans for which others will be champions, or to ask the CFO to see if he can reallocate some funding to kickstart a CX campaign.

Instead, CEOs need to make Customer Experience a top priority across the company, and make CX a central goal of transformational efforts that attack those three obstacles that today only look like inconveniences, but that tomorrow will manifest themselves as dangerous and devastating threats.