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Dim-witted Behavior

Dim-witted behavior is the obverse of the DIY 'do-it-yourself' culture. Think of it as the "do-it-myself' stubborn denial of opportunities to collaborate. I see it in myself all the time, and I watch it unfold across Houston. Mz130904tb

Houston is a great place to start something. The culture is open to people with new ideas. No one expects you to ask permission. People take a friendly interest in each others' projects. No one will put you down for promoting your ideas and asking for support.

Now, being someone important in Houston, to some extent, means being able to point to something tangible that you put together. The most important people have built big companies. Or big non-profit institutions. Or started movements that created landmarks. This pressure to build your own glory can lead to territorial behavior or to isolation.

These days I check myself frequently for dim-witted behavior. I encourage you to do the same.

Alliance magazine: Networks, money and meaning, 2012-Dec-1 by Harald Katzmair and Chet Tchozewski

How many projects fail because people do not cooperate due to status rivalry, a do-it-alone mentality or mistrust? How many projects get stuck because of lack of openness and innovation? How many resources are wasted because projects never reach critical mass?