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Changing Role of Salespeople using Internet Leads

Start with a shared value

You can't keep a customer who doesn't value you for what you do best. When you have a transaction, you should be checking for that shared value. Tq130819hdBecause it isn't permanent. But it's the most reliable way to know if you can plan for future transactions.

Help Scout: The Art of Customer Loyalty

Shared values are by far the largest driver of brand loyalty. According to the CEB, who researched the topic of brand loyalty for more than a year, consumers everywhere stated that they were loyal “not to companies, but to beliefs.” Think about that. Most customers aren’t particularly loyal to any one business, but they are loyal to what the business stands for. “We saw that emotional attachments to brands certainly do exist, but that connection typically starts with a ‘shared value’ that consumers believe they hold in common with the brand.”