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The overlooked art of the great reply

As a communication medium, email is trickier than most. We can appear evil by accident. We can expect to be ignored. Our message is often lost. Tq130715mdSending email (like sex) is something worth doing well. If we slam a message with no consideration for the human being at the other end, we'll get the contempt we deserve.

Replying to email is an overlooked skill. Isn't it great when someone goes out of their way to be nice? When they craft a gracious no? When they respond with enthusiasm when you expected silence? Be that person.

Pleasure & Pain: Email is People, 2013-Jun-3 by Whitney Hess

An email does not send itself. It is sent by another human being. Whether an individual person hit send, or whether they set up an automated service, it represents the same thing. It is one person making contact with another person. It is simply the chosen method of communication. In our vilification of the method, we have lost the message.