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Seeing Houston as a work of art (in progress)

Creative Capital and the Warhol Foundation have gotten together to support writers who support contemporary art. Tq130603wpThey provide grants to accomplished writers such as Harbeer Sandhu, who says,

The city of Houston, while offering artists much needed support in the form of work space, free time, gallery space, and even financial backing, lacks the supportive yet critical engagement necessary to fully realize its potential to be a rich arts community. Aiming to provide a local forum for art criticism connected to world literature and international concerns, Harbeer Sandhu will develop a Houston-based art blog featuring weekly posts focusing on the visual art of Houston and Texas in a global context.

And the result is Texphrastic, from About by Harbeer Sandhu... 

I aim to write long-form criticism and independent ekphrastic responses of literary quality–I aim for depth, not breadth, and certainly not currency–and I hope these essays will remain pertinent and interesting long after the artists they discuss have moved on to new projects. So make some popcorn, pull up a chair, kick off your shoes, sit back, get comfortable, leave some thoughtful comments… and tell two friends to tell two friends.

'Ekphrastic' expression is where one form, such as writing, seeks to evoke another form, such as painting, or place-making, in this case. 

All of which would just be posturing if it didn't result is some 'damned fine writing,' which it has. (My dad would be impressed.) The question is, will it lead to Houston being a better place to make art?