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When I think about all the things I'd like to accomplish, I remember that the first thing I have to do is change my story. Tq130325edI just dug out my copy of Change Anything again, and the first step is to write yourself a good story, one that makes such good sense that you can't help but tell it completely and quickly. 

WebInkNow: Effective storytelling for business, 2013-Feb-18, by David Meerman Scott

Instead of "creating copy", think about sitting in a restaurant with friends and explaining a little about your work to them. How would you say it? How would you hold your friends' interest? Write that down.

- Rather than talking about the features and benefits of your products and services, consider how you help people to solve problems.

- Who or what is the "bad guy" in your market? Is it the big, famous company that everybody does business with but nobody really likes? Is there some silly government regulation that holds buyers back? How can you weave those into a story with conflict?