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Marketing yourself means making connections not filling out applications

I listen to many of my friends complain about job listings, and my advice is... just pretend they don't exist because they are worthless. Tq130104hdFigure out where you want to work... where you want to make a contribution... then network around that target. You may end up working somewhere else, but you'll be better off for the process. 

Ari on the Internet: College & Beyond: A Lesson in the Job Search, 2012-Dec-31, by Ari Diozon

You can scour alI the job boards and classifieds you want. But it's a hell of a lot easier when you know somebody. I got every interview I had by personal suggestion. Get to know people. Even if they're not in the industry you're trying to break into. You never know where the magic connection will come from. For me, it ending up being my ex-neighbor's uncle, a teacher from an extracurricular class, and a freelancing club administrator.