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Why being able to like a brand is important

Make your presence known by mastering something

Rob May is one of my favorite entrepreneur-philosophers. Tq121216zcAnd he reminds me about one of my favorite things about Houston. When you meet a Houstonian, the proper greeting is "So what are you working on these days?" We are fearless about trying things for ourselves. Rob reminds us that we can't be dilettantes, we have to get really good at a few things. Like making zebras...

Coconut Headsets: Why I chose engineering over philosophy and other thoughts on wasting your 20's, 2012-Nov-5 by Rob May

“Finding yourself” is bullshit.. - As someone who has read extensively in philosophy, neuroscience, and psychology for 20 years, I just don’t believe it. There is no “you” waiting to be discovered. There is no magic switch that will flip and suddenly you will be happy. Modern neuroscience shows that there is no unified “self” in the brain, and really, the existentialists had one thing right - “existence precedes essence.” You don’t find yourself, you make yourself. You try things and they don’t “stick” or don’t “feel right” because we live in a world where you have been trained to expect instant gratification. Take the time, take years, to master something important. It is worth it. And as you suck it up and fumble through the hard times, you will learn to love it. Stop looking for “magic” and get on with your life and you will be much happier.