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For the holidays, give someone power to find music they love

As a loyalty fanatic, I've decided to show some loyalty to my favorite products and services Tq121208cdthis holiday season. First up, Pandora. I've heard people whine about the ads on Pandora and my response is... for $36/year, you can support one of the finest listening innovations ever developed. You can pick up gift card subscriptions at Target stores. 

I usually listen to Pandora when I exercise, and I use shuffle mode to most of my saved stations so that I'm continuously surprised and delighted by what pops up. About 80% of the music is familiar, but when I'm feeling adventurous I can always program a new station. 

On a recent road trip with my mom, I plugged my iPhone into the car stereo and punched up the Bing Crosby station. What really thrilled her was holding the iPhone and looking at the Pandora information about the artist, album and song. She started sharing memories about her life and I heard new stories. I wish you that much joy this holiday season!

CNet: Pandora Radio Review, 2012-Nov-1 by Jason Parker

Just like the Web-based version of Pandora, the app lets you tap into an incredible library of music to create stations of similar artists and songs using an algorithm based on the Music Genome Project. You can browse through genre-based stations, or fire up a QuickMix. If you're already a Pandora listener, you can enter your existing log-in credentials, or you can create a new account right from the app.

As you listen, Pandora lets you rate tracks up or down, or skip tracks at will. Your ratings here will help Pandora home in on exactly the types of music you like