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Name it, claim it, change it

In her book 11 Rules for Creating Value in the #Social Era, Nilofer Merchant has a rule

"Learn. Unlearn. (Repeat.)"

Tq121213db2She writes about the necessity on constantly adapting to the evolving business scene. One of the big challenges is 'unlearning.' To start, you have to recognize something is wrong, which may require getting advice from an outsider. Then you have to start the process of 'undoing.' It's always a big struggle but with others' help, if you can identify what's holding you back, you can start to become free of it.

Yes & Know: What I Learned from my TED Talk, 2012-Oct-27, by Nilofer Merchant

The beliefs we are using to guide us are often a tacit thing — something we can’t see because we are so close to it that we actually can’t see it as a “thing”; it has become something “true”, an assumption that frames every decision. Chris Argyris wrote in 1992 that a major impediment to learning is that most organizations “store and use” information in tacit, versus explicit, forms.I’ve come to see that this is true for both personal and organizations situations. And without being able to name the thing, you can’t change the thing. But by naming it, any of us can and will see it as something we can question and only then can we unlearn it.