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Why being able to like a brand is important


Don Peppers has an excellent new post about loyalty management which I quoted below. Normally, I analyze loyalty as an attitude, but Peppers correctly points out that businesses can't usually afford to do that. Nevertheless, customers who buy you because they like you are much more valuable than customers who buy because it's convenient, or because they're trapped, or because you were the economical choice. He agrees. 

What occurs to me is that a brand needs to be open to being liked. (Maybe that was the long-term advantage to Facebook Pages, although they have certainly been abused.) I just don't have enough money to support every brand and charitable cause I admire. But I WILL send my friends to a brand and try to influence behavior toward that brand if it gives me a way to do it. So being liked is valuable, even if it doesn't come with an immediate financial reward. 

LinkedIn Posts: Customer loyalty--is it a behavior or an attitude?, 2012-Dec-17 by Don Peppers

In the long term, you want to do business with customers who want to do business with you.