Brands helping people be loyal
Taking a few months to practice Thinking Slow

Loyalty means working through the challenges of staying connected

Tq121224sdI was going to write about products I feel loyalty toward, but I just had an argument with my daughter, and I think it's a good time to remind people that loyalty isn't a bed of roses. Loyalty means hanging with someone or something even when you know its weaknesses. It means you see someone or something clearly and appreciate it's "net value." All other forms of loyalty are too fragile. Especially the "what have you done for me lately?" kind. 

I would like to recommend one of the very finest creative professionals of my acquaintance. I met Christine on her blog, then I met her in person, then we had a big fight, and then I thought I wasn't going to like her anymore but I still do. I highly recommend that you read what she writes, work with her, and even fight with her. 

Big Pink Cookie: About Christine, by Christine Tremoulet

Hi! My name is Christine Selleck Tremoulet. I’ve been blogging here at this site – with the original name of BlahBlahBlog – since 2000. I changed the name in 2002 because BigPinkCookie is a *lot* easier to say out loud. Plus it makes you smile when you say it.