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Keeping up with our communities... let the juggling begin

Reading about Andrew Hyde settling (a little) at Hamburg-based HackFwd made me think about the several communities I struggle to keep up with. 

I do think that trying to serve a community keeps you on your toes and strengthens not only your goals and talent but also management skill. The more you want for your community, the more ingenious you have to become. 

Tq121119jbIt may be in the future I have only one or two communities instead of four or five, but I doubt it. I've been strongly influenced by Mark Granovetter's analysis of the "strength of weak ties," and become wary of falling into a tight and insulated circle. As long as I want to be an innovator, I have to stay exposed to diverse influences. 

As the holidays arrive, let the juggling begin!

Travel Chronicles: Joining Hackfwd, 2012-Oct-24 by Andrew Hyde

...your talent develops with your goals and community, when one is pushed, the others become stronger