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On becoming media and our obligations to our audience

The lines between consumer and producer of media are being erased, and it's happening to marketers first. Tq121109tdTwo questions strike me... 

  1. Do all marketers have to become media? Will some be exempt?
  2. What responsibilities do we assume when we become media? Are we ready for them? 

Fact checking, follow-up, and objectivity are all things we expect from media that we haven't expected from marketers. So how is this going to work? I expect a few companies will make their audience feel betrayed before we learn how to navigate this new landscape. 

Logic and Emotion: Brands Will Become Media, 2012 by David Armano

The end game in social media won’t be accumulation of fans but rather your ability to reach them and potentially inspire action....

It’s all going to come down to this: content, quality, frequency and relevancy. If companies are to become media, they must master the art and science of merging marketing with a real-time news cycle. The content a company produces must be compelling and built for an audience with an itchy “like” finger.

And it’s going to take time. Most companies don’t have full-time editors and newsrooms that work hand-in-hand with their marketing department and partners, but in a few years they might.