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Is there any coherence in your networking?

Meeting new people and keeping track of them is exhausting to me. I do like most of the people I meet and I think it's worthwhile to know them. Sometimes they turn out to be people I enjoy hanging out with. (Amazing, I know.)  Tq-121017-em

For quite a while now, I've been practicing 'coherence' when I network, which means that when I meet people, I try to figure out a common goal we have so that I know what to talk about when I reconnect with them. That goal might be as simple as enjoying movies together. So when you ask to connect with me, you better be able to communicate some interests at the time. 

MENG: How Collaboration Drives Network ROI, 2012-Oct-3 by Sarah Miller Caldicott

Rather than building clusters of individuals merely “doing their part,” Edison’s laboratories fostered collaborative teams that were coherent — a term drawn from the realm of physics.  Coherent teams exhibit the following qualities:

  • Create common goals and a common purpose.
  • Establish new context for the problems they have been asked to solve.
  • Ask new questions rather than repeating old ones.
  • Value collegiality as a core bond.
  • Foster debate and diverse perspectives.

Rather than dedicating his collaboration teams merely to tasks or information gathering, Edison positioned collaboration as a process of discovery learning and creating collective intelligence.  He organized his teams to navigate complexity and drive new knowledge — not just respond to what already existed.