Why great marketing is like breathing
What "customer-centric" means to customers

The context of marketing today

The world wide web changed marketing forever. It didn't change human nature, but it certainly enabled behaviors seldom important before. Tq-120921-dcHaving a static web site isn't healthy for a business anymore. We have to think about the digital implications in everything we plan and do. 

I highly recommend this article by Bud Caddell, who recommends we remember: Digital is a layer... a bridge... a feedback loop... iterative... participatory... mainstream... self-selected... supportive of small groups... unpredictable... shaping expectations... a way to generate more value from the relationships you've built. 

What Consumes Me: More than a few words on digital marketing, 2012-Aug-9 by Bud Caddell

With everything we do, we should be engineering the best path to the next experience.

β€œan idea which is re-contextualized as it is shared, appropriated, and sustained by people.”