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Sharing pictures crosses cultural boundaries

On Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook, I follow mostly people from my neighborhood, but the cool thing about photo sharing is the ability to peek into different cultures where language differences might have been an issue before. Reading this article has encouraged me to start following people around the globe.  Tq-120928-ds

Social Media Influence: Will the future of social networks be shaped by passive users?, 2012-Sep-10

Countries like Brazil, India and Indonesia are almost entirely responsible for Facebook growth, with a decline in use in mature markets such as the US, Sweden and Hong Kong. According to GlobalWebIndex, Facebook is on track to hit two billion users by the end of 2014.

Pinterest demonstrates the globalization of the internet

With 53 million active users, Pinterest has made a tremendous impact on the social landscape, but only 16 million of these users come from the US. China (11 million), India (eight million) and Brazil (1.8 million) are once again leading the growth charge.

Photo sharing reigns supreme

Sharing photos on Facebook outranks messaging friends, posting status updates or sharing links as far as content activity is concerned, with 82 percent of desktop users sharing pictures via PC, 60 percent of mobile users via mobile and 57 percent of tablet users via a tablet. Photo sharing is the second most important activity on Twitter.